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There’s strength in numbers, and our members make our work to protect basic rights and freedoms possible by amplifying our voice. All membership fees and donations receive a charitable tax receipt for the full amount.

With your membership fee, you will help:

  • Monitor the government and private sector for issues that threaten your civil liberties;
  • Educate students and community members across British Columbia on their rights and freedoms;
  • Provide assistance to people who are affected by civil liberties violations, such as police and privacy complaints;
  • Challenge laws directly in the courts.

Members of the BC Civil Liberties Association are eligible to vote at our Annual General Meeting, and run for the BCCLA board.* Members also will receive our newsletter, annual report, regular updates on our cases and outreach activities, invitations to special events, and information on how you can get even more involved with our work. Most importantly, you’ll be part of a growing network of people committed to protecting human rights in Canada.

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 Have questions about membership? Check our list of frequently asked questions here!

* Members must be in good standing as of March 15 to be eligible to vote in the AGM. To be eligible to run for BCCLA board, you must be a member for a minimum of six (6) months prior to the nomination period.